Copyright Ailie Rutherford 2020

String Figures takes its title from techno-feminist Donna Haraway’s metaphor for the inextricable threads that connect us all.

Created with designer Bettina Nissen and creative technologist Bob Moyler
this collaborative software allows activist, feminist and creative groups working for social justice
to support and strengthen each other’s work by building de-centralised networks centred on a principle of mutual care.

For more on the thinking behind String Figures visit The Social Art Library here

Participation from Guerilla Media Collective, Furtherfield, Feminist Economics Department, Milk Social Enterprise Café, Category Is Books, The Outwith Agency, Rumpus Room, Arc Independent and Feminist Exchange Network. Funded by Creative Scotland and Creative Informatics, Edinburgh College of Art
String Figures follows on from Crypto-Knitting-Circles action research with Bettina Nissen in 2019