Copyright Ailie Rutherford 2020

People Pavilion is a modular, mobile and wearable architecture created in collaboration with Laurence Payot.

Groups of people are invited to use People Pavilion to create temporary interventions in the public realm; at times a space for sharing knowledge, asking questions, protest, celebration... the function is defined by the people who take part.

For Festival of Questions, we worked with Lancaster University students to explore the idea of human rights in practice, creating a space for political discussion in the streets during the festival. In Glasgow we worked with local choirs to create intimate performance spaces within large outdoor venues. Recent commissions for Electric Fields and Port Elliot Festival saw People Pavilion becoming a dancing dance tent within the music festivals.

Commissioned for Streetland (Glasgow) Commonwealth Games Festival 2014 (Glasgow) Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival (Warrington) Light Up Lancaster
and Festival of Questions for Lancaster Arts (Lancaster) Electric Fields for Stove Network (Dumfries) Port Elliot Festival (Cornwall) and Festival 2018 (Glasgow)

Photography by Bob Moyler, Rob Battersby and Angela Catlin

Early versions of People Pavilion were designed and tested in collaboration with architect Anna Couch and architecture students at University of Liverpool, 2014. Project blog at