Copyright Ailie Rutherford 2020

Crypto-Knitting-Circles was a year-long research collaboration with designer Bettina Nissen (Design Informatics, Edinburgh College of Art)
exploring potential applications of new and emerging technologies within feminist and community currency.
Inspired by a shared interest in feminist economics and the potential for emerging tech to disrupt established power structures,
the work centred around feminist community exchange space Swap Market in Govanhill.

A pdf of our research publication is available to download here

In June 2019 we held Chain Re: Action a knowledge exchange at Platform, Glasgow
bringing together artists, activists and academics to look at how we can combine feminist thinking with new technologies like blockchain

In November 2019 I presented our research at Beyond The Blokechain for MoneyLab, Amsterdam

Funded by Creative Scotland Open Project Fund

Photography by Bob Moyler