Copyright Ailie Rutherford 2015

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Crypto-knitting-circles is a new collaboration with Dr. Bettina Nissen to develop a feminist crypto-currency proposal in the contexts of Govanhill and Easterhouse.
Inspired by a shared interest in feminist economics and the potential for crypto-currencies to disrupt established power structures and create new supply chains,
we will draw on the format of the “knitting circle” to learn from each other, knowing that everyone brings vital knowledge to the circle.

The project will play on the similarity of knitting patterns, the encryption codes and trust networks of blockchain technology as a means to describe
and convey the process and potential of these new technologies to allow us to co-develop a proposal
for a real block-chain system that can be used by women to invent an economy that works for them.

Funded by Creative Scotland Open Project Fund

Photography by Bob Moyler